Lesson 2: How Law is Made


Activity 1: Judge-Made Law or Common Law

Handout 1: Common Law

Activities 2-5: Government-Made Law or Statute Law

Handout 2: The Branches of Government

Handout 3: The Three Branches of Government

Handout 4: Parliamentary Vocabulary

Handout 5: A Day in the Life of a Bill

Handout 6: Bills! Bills! Bills!

Video: I’m Just a Bill  http://www.schoolhouserock.tv/

Parliament of Canada’s website: http://www.parl.gc.ca

Handout 7: Canada’s Parliamentary System

Handout 8: Parliamentary Roles

Handout 9: Model Parliament

Handout 10: Legislative Bills for Model Parliament

Handout 11: Teacher Evaluation Rubric for Model Parliament

Activities 6-7: Constitutional Law   

Handout 12: Constitutional Framework

Handout 13: What did I learn?

Handout 14: Levels of Government — Responsibilities and Services

Handout 15: Who is Responsible?

Handout 16: Government Review

Handout 17: Disaster Plan Outline

Handout 18: How the Government Helps in a Disaster

Handout 19: Group/Self Evaluation Rubric

Handout 20: Teacher Evaluation Rubric for Disaster Plan