Lesson 7: Youth Criminal Justice Act - Sentencing and Records


Topic 1: Sentencing Principles

Handout 1: YCJA Sentencing Principles

Handout 2: YCJA Sentencing Principles-Scenario

Handout 3: YCJA Sentencing Principles-Quiz

Topic 2: Youth Sentencing Options

Handout 4: Youth Sentencing Options

Handout 5: Youth Sentencing Options-Scenario

Handout 6: Youth in Trouble Case Studies

Handout 7: You Be the Judge Sentencing Case Studies

Handout 8: Angie Sam Sentencing Hearing

The CBC Prime Time video, Out of the Woods, is a documentary on a very effective military type outdoors program for youth near Prince George, B.C. The video is engaging and gives students an idea of programs that might work for youth who are incarcerated.

Topic 3: Adult Sentences for Youth

Handout 9: Adult Sentences for Youth-Scenario

Handout 10: Adult Sentences for Youth-Quiz

Topic 4: Publication of Identity of Offender

Handout 11: Publication of Identity of Offender -Scenario

Topic 5: Youth and Adult Records

Handout 12: Youth and Adult Records

Handout 13: Youth and Adult Records -Quiz