Lesson 3: Family Law


Activity 1: What is a “Family” in Canada?

Handout 1: What is a “Family” in Canada? can be submitted by students for marking once it has been completed.

Activity 2: Legal Requirements of Marriage

Once students have completed the questions on Handout 3: Underage Marriage: A Case Study, it can be submitted for marks.

You can decide if you would like students turn to in Handout 4: Same Sex Marriage Equal Under the Law for marking. The main purpose of this handout is to prepare for the class debate. Participation marks may be granted for the debate portion of this activity.

Activity 3: A Simplified Mediation Process

Formative assessments can be done for this activity by using the Tracking Sheet on Handout 7: Mediation Simulation. Students will also give an evaluation for their group and themselves using Handout 8: Group/Self Evaluation Rubric.

Activity 4: Discussion and Writing: Family Story

Each group can submit their writing assignment for marking once it has been completed. They will receive a group mark.