Lesson 10: Problem-Solving Courts


Activity 1: Types of Court Processes - A Cooperative Group Exercise

Once students have completed Handout 5: Types of Court Processes and Handout 6: Which Community Court? have them turn in the handouts for marks. The answer keys are below.

Answer Key: Handout 5: Types of Court Processes

Answer Key: Handout 6: Which Problem-Solving Court?

  1. Maria Jones lives in a small town in the Nunavut area. There are only 400 people living in her town. She has recently committed a break and enter to get money to feed her three children. What court would she be dealing with?
    Nunavut Circuit Court
  2. Robert Wagner is a 40-year-old man living in the Downtown Eastside. He has been a drug addict for over 10 years after the death of his children. He has had no work for over two years and usually commits crimes to feed his habit. Recently, Robert stole a package of batteries from a shop owner in Downtown Vancouver. Robert was arrested and charged with theft under $5,000. What court would he be dealing with?
    Downtown Community Court
  3. Maria Classico is thinking of suing a jeweller for not doing his job on a custom made engagement ring. The jeweler refused to refund Maria the $3,500 for the poor workmanship. What court would she be dealing with?
    Small Claims/Night Court
  4. Rose Pattinson has maxed out her credit cards to $20,000 and has not been able to pay her bills for over five months. She lost her job during an economic down turn and the creditors are calling her every day. They are now taking her to court. What court would she be dealing with?
    Small Claims/Night Court
  5. Jordi Morgan is a First Nations young adult who set a fire to a neighbour’s house in New Westminster. It was his first offence. He says that he was feeling bad about being bullied at school and decided to set fire to show that he was strong. The local chief and the police decided to send this to a restorative justice conference. Jordi took responsibility for his actions and was ordered to help rebuild the neighbour’s house. What court would Jordi deal with?
    First Nations Court