Lesson 12: The Corrections System


Activity 1: Introduction to the Corrections System

Ask your students to do some research on the internet about adult jails and youth detention centres in the province and give them Handout 1: Overview of the Corrections System to read. Then ask them to answer the questions on Handout 2: What do I know about the Corrections System?

Activity 2: Broken House-Life in a Kid’s Prison

Read the Study Guide for Broken House and then watch the video in your classroom. Be sure to watch the video yourself first so you can be prepared for intense reactions of your students and so you can decide what themes you want to focus on and where you can replay those sections of the video.

Watch the video with your class and discuss their reactions in general to the story and more specifically discuss the themes you have chosen to focus on.

You may also want to do some of the additional activities in the guide with your class. These are listed below in the enrichment section.