Lesson 5: Court Personnel

Topic 4: Court Clerk and Sheriff

Court Clerk/Recorder

  • Assists the judge
  • Takes notes during the trial
  • Swears in or affirms the witnesses and asks the witnesses to state their names for the record
  • Takes care of the exhibits and keeps them secure
  • Tape records the whole trial and keeps a tape log which lists the order of witnesses
  • May make transcriptions from this recording
  • Works in the Supreme Court, the Provincial Court and the Court of Appeal

Deputy Sheriff

  • Transports prisoners from jail to the court in a criminal proceeding
  • Takes care of prisoners in the courtroom in a criminal proceeding
  • Protects the judge, jury, accused and other court personnel and the public
  • Serves court documents
  • Summons the panel for jury selection
  • Organizes the jury during the selection process
  • Looks after the jury once it has been selected