Lesson 5: Court Personnel


Activity 1: Judge Rulings

Handout 1: Appointment and Rule of Judges

Activity 2: Being a Juror

Handout 2: Jury Role and Selection

Handout 3: Fact or Opinion? Can You Decide?

Activity 3: Legal Counsel

Handout 4: Legal Counsel

Handout 5: I Object!

Activity 4: Would You be a Good Witness?

Handout 6: Court Clerk and Sheriff

Handout 7: Other People in Court

Handout 8: Robbery Suspect Description Form

Handout 9: How are Your Powers of Observation?

Activity 5: Test Your Knowledge of Court Personnel

Handout 10: People in a Criminal Trial

Handout 11: Court Personnel Roles

Handout 12: What Do You Know about Court Personnel?