Lesson 8: Supreme Court of BC


Activity 2: Web-quest on the Supreme Court of BC     

Once students have completed Handout 1: Supreme Court of BC, it can be submitted for marks. The answer key is below.

Answer Key: Handout 1: Supreme Court of BC

  1. The Supreme Court of BC hears both of these types of cases _______ and ______.
    Criminal, Civil
  2. The Supreme Court of BC hears appeals of which court cases?
    Provincial Court
  3. Decisions made by the Supreme Court of BC can only be modified or overturned by which two courts? ______________________ and ______________________
    Court of Appeal for BC, Supreme Court of Canada
  4. Only civil cases involving claims over $ ____________ go to the Supreme Court of BC
  5. Give four examples of civil cases that are dealt with by the Supreme Court of BC _______________________, _______________________, _______________________, _______________________
    Any of these would be acceptable: bankruptcy, personal injury claims and contract disputes, reviews of administrative tribunals, cases of libel, slander, malicious prosecution
  6. Usually to start a civil claim, a plaintiff or petitioner files a _______________
    Notice of Civil Claim or a Petition
  7. Are most civil cases at the Supreme Court of Canada heard by a jury or a judge alone?
    Judge Alone 
  8. In a civil trial, there are ___ members. They do not have to reach a unanimous decision as long as _____ agree on the result after at least three hours of deliberation.
    8, 75% (or 6 members)
  9. In civil cases, the jury’s decision favours the party who can convince the court that their side of the case is more probable. The principle behind this is known as proving your case on ______________________.
    The balance of probabilities
  10. What are two types of family cases that the Supreme Court of BC would deal with? ____________________, ___________________
    Any of these can be accepted: adoption, divorce, division of family property, custody, child support
  11. Give four examples of serious criminal matters that would be heard in the Supreme Court of BC ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ____________________
    The following answers would be acceptable: contempt of court, murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, bank robbery, and major drug cases.
  12. How many jury members are there in a criminal trial in the Supreme Court of Canada? ____
  13. In most criminal cases, a ______________ is held in Provincial Court before the case is heard in Supreme Court.
    Preliminary Inquiry
  14. For a criminal case, the standard of proof must be beyond a _______________.
    Reasonable doubt
  15. As specified by the Supreme Court Act, how many judges, not including the Chief Judge and Associate Chief Judge, are there?
  16. What do Supreme Court Masters do? How are they addressed in the court? How are they addressed outside of the court?
    They deal primarily with pre-trial matters in chambers. Masters are addressed as Master before their surname (Master White) outside of court and as ‘Your Honour’ in court.
  17. In Chambers, evidence is filed by using a written document called a/n ___________.

Activity 3: Does the Supreme Court of BC Hear This Case?

Students can submit Handout 2: Does the Supreme Court of BC Hear This Case? for marking.

Answer Key: Handout 2: Does the Supreme Court of BC Hear This Case?

  1. John Locke decides to have a law suit for personal injuries of $28,000.
    Supreme Court of BC
  2. Melisa George is accused of murdering her husband.
    Supreme Court of BC
  3. Anne Bouvier is caught shoplifting.
    Provincial Court - Criminal
  4. Mark Lennard is 17 years old and is charged with break and enter.
    Provincial Court - Youth
  5. Sarah and Bert Smith are getting a divorce.
    Supreme Court of BC
  6. 14-year-old Sarah Jones is charged with assault.
    Provincial Court - Youth
  7. A couple takes the contractor of their home renovation to court for the loss of $9,000 because the contractor did not complete the renovation.
    Provincial Court – Small Claims  
  8. Dwayne’s contractor did not complete the house the way he said he would. It will cost over $35,000 to complete. Dwayne is suing the contractor.
    Supreme Court of BC
  9. Jason’s neighbour damaged his fence. It cost $1,200 to repair.
    Provincial Court – Small Claims
  10. The jury found Susan guilty of assault causing bodily harm.
    Supreme Court of BC
  11. Chu was charged with trafficking large quantities of controlled drugs.
    Supreme Court of BC