Courthouse Protocol

Please review these protocols with your students prior your arrival at the courthouse to ensure that your students are aware of what is expected of them.

The courthouse is a highly traditional, very formal environment, which warrants respectful behavior and deferential conduct.

To ensure that your visit is positive for everyone, we ask that you refrain from the following

Please Do Not:

  • Smoke or Vape in or near the entrance, nor anywhere in courthouse;
  • Use cameras, cell phones or electronics devices of any type;
  • Carry weapons of any kind;
  • Rest your feet on the furniture, please do not cross the 'bar' of the courtroom;
  • Wear hats or hoodies, except religious coverings;
  • Bring any food or drink in the courtroom(including water bottles and coffee mugs);
  • Chew gum in the courtroom,wear ear buds or headphones;
  • Talk in the courtroom or discuss any trial proceedings inany communal areas surrounding the building.(Family members or witnesses associated with the trial may overhear your comments and be affected by your opinions);
  • Stand in the courtrooms (if there are no seats available, please move to another courtroom with empty seats).

We ask for your attention to the following requests:

  • Turn off cell phones-they disrupt the electronic equipment in the courtroom;
  • When entering or leaving the courtrooms, please do so silently in groups no larger than 5.Once seated, please remain for at least 15 minutes;
  • Please rise whenever the presiding judge enters or leaves the courtroom;
  • There is no storage at the courthouse, we ask that students not bring unnecessary personal belongings; Backpacks are not permitted in the courtroom;
  • Neat and tidy, respectful, appearance by all those in attendance would be appreciated;
  • There may be a publication ban on the court proceedings, please be mindful of any signs on the door of the courtrooms.
  • Some matters may be sensitive or have limited access,please follow direction of the Court Staff

Please be aware that many courthouses are equipped with search gates and metal detectors.

You may be asked to open your bags for inspection.

Please be mindful of congestion at the entrance.

Please be mindful of others who have business before the courts.

Thank you for your cooperation in following this protocol