BC Social Studies Lesson Plans
Law 12

How are appeals determined and how can appeals lead to changes in precedent? 

  • I can communicate and collaborate with my peers to review the process of appeals in Supreme Court of Canada cases. 
  • I can critically analyze Supreme Court decisions and identify their implications for the Canadian public.
  • I can take responsibility for my role in researching and sharing information to my group.

In what ways do international organizations and international law affect global change? 

  • I can effectively use presentation skills to communicate and analyze the role of global dispute resolution agencies in international human rights and economic development issues.
  • I can evaluate facts, identify critical questions, and challenge assumptions and ideas to draw conclusions about the role and impact of global dispute agencies and courts. 
  • I can employ social awareness and responsibility by engaging in respectful discussion and exchanging ideas with my peers.

How does the Indian Act promote assimilation?

  • I can describe the worldview of the Canadian government that resulted in the Indian Act
  • I can analyze three main sections of the Indian Act: the reserve system, residential schools, and Indian status.
  • I can recognize the long-term consequences of assimilationist policies and legislation on the First Peoples of Canada

How has the legal system and its laws been used to maintain inequalities?

  • I can identify and discuss examples of past discriminatory laws in Canada and how they reinforced inequalities for the targeted group.
  • I can analyze the legacy of discriminatory laws, for the communities previously targeted, and for Canadian society.
  • I can explain how changing social values and community awareness influence the reform process of laws. 

How do we balance principles of rehabilitation, punishment, and restorative justice in Canada’s Correctional System?

  • Students can identify and communicate informed opinions regarding underlying principles of the corrections systems in Canada. 
  • Students can consider different factors involved in successful sentencing, release and reintegration in Canada’s correctional system. 
  • Students can explain how restorative justice helps offenders understand the consequences of their actions and develop empathy towards those affected by their actions. 

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