Virtual Speaker for Your Class

Have a legal educator guest speaker present virtually to your class. These virtual presentations typically are 45 min to 1 hour long.
  • Step 1: Select a topic below
  • Step 2: Select a date and time
  • Step 3: We will followup with an email to arrange webinar technology needs. (Speakers can join your platform or your class can attend ours).
Digital Citizenship & the Law

Learn about how to be a good online citizen by promoting a positive community, and keeping yourself and others safe. Topics include privacy, cybersafety, illegal online activity, and using the internet to make a positive impact. 

Environmental Activism, Youth, & the Law

Students will learn about the role youth have played in past and current movements. Those interested in protesting or civil disobedience will learn the risks and risk of doing so.

Criminal Sentencing

Students will learn the principles and sentencing goals judges must balance when they decide on a criminal sentence. Students will be invited to consider what an appropriate sentence would be in different circumstances and to delve deeper into the reasons for laying criminal sentences. 

Fundamentals of BC Justice System

Students are provided with an introduction to law in Canada. Topics include: courts of BC,  how law is applied, and  the basics of our justice system.

Contact with Police

A practical guide for interacting with police. Learn what your rights are and what to do if your rights are violated.