BC Social Studies Lesson Plans
Grade 11

What makes a law legitimate? Is it ever okay to disobey the law?

  • I can discuss the basis of law and the state in our democratic society
  • What factors would I consider when obeying/ignoring an existing law?
  • I have a personal understanding of my rights and obligations as a citizen of a democratic society.

How has the legal system and its laws been used to maintain inequalities?

  • I can identify and discuss examples of past discriminatory laws in Canada and how they reinforced inequalities for the targeted group.
  • I can analyze the legacy of discriminatory laws, for the communities previously targeted, and for Canadian society
  • I can explain how changing social values and community awareness influence the reform process of laws.

How are youth offenders treated differently than adult offenders?

  • Students can collaborate effectively with others to deliver and present knowledge about the Youth Criminal Justice Act. 
  • Students can challenge assumptions and reflect on views on youth offenders from throughout the learning experience.
  • Students can demonstrate empathy, personal responsibility, and listening skills during the restorative justice circle activity

How is poverty linked to privilege and power imbalances in society?

  • I am able to define poverty and describe how it impacts individual lives.
  • I can analyze consequences of injustices and power imbalances which lead to poverty in our society.
  • I can elaborate on my potential to bring about awareness of poverty and initiate change to current systems that promote inequality.

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