BC Social Studies Lesson Plans
Grade 4

How did the fur trade lead to the development of Canada?

  • I can summarize key ideas about how fur trading started and developed in Canada.
  • I can analyze how the fur trade created relationships between Indigenous peoples and Europeans.
  • I can consider what life would have been like for various participants in the fur trade.

How did the building of the railway change Canada?

  • I can tell the story of the Canadian Pacific Railway using 5W+H.
  • I can consider the impact of building the railway on Chinese workers and Indigenous peoples.
  • I can explain how the railway united Canadians and shaped our identity.


Was joining Canada the best decision for BC?

  • I can tell the story of how BC became part of Canada.
  • I can analyze the causes and consequences of BC joining Canada.
  • I can consider why we celebrate Canada Day.

How did colonization change how First Nations people made a living?

  • I can describe how First Peoples contributed to the economic development of BC.
  • I can explain the impact of colonization on the ways First Peoples made a living.
  • I can consider how work is connected to identity.

How did gold rushes affect the population of British Columbia?

  • I can explain how gold attracted people to BC.
  • I can analyze the impact of gold rushes on the people, environment, economy, and politics of BC.
  • I can share my ideas about how gold rushes impacted First Peoples and increased the diversity of people in our province.

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