BC Social Studies Lesson Plans
Grade 8

How does Medieval legal history help us understand the origins of our current legal system?

  • I can explain how aspects of our criminal justice system began in Medieval times.
  • I can analyze how the Magna Carta continues to influence the world today.
  • I can compare my world view and beliefs with those of Medieval times.

How did the Treaty of the Great Peace of Montreal address collective identity and collective rights?

  • I can discuss the impact of alliances between Europeans and First Nations.
  • I can analyze an historic treaty and compare it to the Charter.
  • I can give examples of individual rights and collective rights.


How do the ideas of the Enlightenment continue to influence us today?

  • I can describe natural rights
  • I can determine the most significant change that resulted from the Enlightenment
  • I can explain how the ideas of the Enlightenment affect me today.

How do Western and Eastern social structures and rights compare? 

  • I can describe what life was like in medieval Japan and Europe.
  • I can analyze social structures and rights in feudal Japan and Europe.
  • I can determine whether European feudalism or Japanese feudalism was more fair and provide evidence to support my point of view.

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