BC Social Studies Lesson Plans
Grade 5

How does the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protect Canadians?

  • I can name rights and freedoms that every Canadian has.
  • I can analyze how the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects Canadians and reflects our values.
  • I can suggest an additional right or freedom that would make Canada a better place.

How have past governments of Canada used laws to discriminate against Canadian citizens?

  • I can describe ways that laws were used to exclude Asian people from entering Canada.
  • I can evaluate how Canadian immigration policies have changed over time.
  • I can explain why it is important to apologize for past wrongs.

Is Canada fair to everyone who wants to come?

  • I can explain how immigration to Canada has changed over time.
  • I can analyze whether Canadian immigration laws are fair.
  • I can recommend changes to Canada’s immigration policy.

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