Mock Trials

Humpty Dumpty vs. The King

Civil Trial: Humpty Dumpty who took a fall off the King’s broken down wall is suing the King for the personal injuries he suffered as a result of his fall.  The issue is whether the King was negligent for not keeping the wall in good repair. Humpty Dumpty, Dr. Beaten Eggs and Old Man Haggis will testify for the plaintiff and the King, Squire Fanmoth and Sir Warthead will testify for the defendant.

Regina vs. Baljinder and Mark

Criminal Trial: Baljinder is being charged with aggravated assault and uttering threats. Mark is being charged with aggravated assault.  Sean, the victim and his girlfriend, Sarah and Constable Lee testify for the Crown and Ali, Baljinder’s best friend, Mark and Baljinder testify for the defence. Fingerprint and blood analysis evidence is presented in this case.

Plaintiff vs. Fraser Sand and Gravel Ltd.

Civil Trial: The plaintiff suffered injuries while dirt biking in a gravel pit owned by the defendant and is suing for damages.  The issue is whether Fraser Sand and Gravel Ltd acted negligently when they removed half a hill which contained a biking path.  The plaintiff, a Motor Cross coach and a friend of the plaintiff will testify for the plaintiff and an employee, the owner of the gravel pit and a Motor Cross expert will testify for the defendant.

Regina vs. Harry Potter

Criminal Trial: Harry Potter is charged with second degree murder of Professor Quirrel. Lord Voldemort’s spirit, Rubeus Hagrid and Professor Snape will testify for the Crown and Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Professor Dumbledore will testify for the defence.

Regina v. Clarke

Criminal: This script is based on an actual case of Regina v. Jeremy Matthew Coles, which was decided in Surrey Provincial Court in 2000. A 19-year-old man is accused of causing the death of two people. In the script, it is alleged that Jamie Clarke wedged a stick between the accelerator and the front seat of a stolen vehicle and sent it careening through an intersection, where it crashed into a motorcycle carrying the two victims. Clarke is charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing death. The case has roles for a judge, court clerk, crown and defence counsel as well as eight witnesses.